About Us


Continuously expand our sporting goods product offerings to meet the growing demand for a diverse sporting lifestyle across all demographic segments in Lebanon.


To be the preferred Lebanese company for sporting goods that enhance value and diversity of sporting experience/s.


Baywatch Sports is a retail/wholesale company established in 1998, that operates in the Sporting Goods industry, offering products that range from sportswear and footwear, to  sports accessories and sports gear.

Quality and service has brought growth to the company in every year since the Baywatch Sports inception.

Our main products are swimming suits for men and women, boys and girls, infants, and newly born. We have also different range of track suits, gym clothes, T-shirts, Shorts, dresses, and beach wear.

In the last 2 years we have expanded our accessories line of goggles, swimming caps, nose clips, ear plugs, socks, head band and wrist band as per customers' demands.

In addition to our sports wear products, we provide equipments such as, treadmills, bicycles, twister, bench press, body building machines, weights, axes and much more. 100% of our products are exported. Our main markets are the Arab & Gulf Countries, West Europe, Canada and Asia. With superior quality, competitive prices and unbeatable service, our products are welcome all over the world.

We are committed to providing consumers with professional and excellent sports facilities, and changing the sports goods industry. 
We will inspire consumers to rear belief and fully release their inherent potential to achieve excellent performance.